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Red Bull Racing unveils its drivers for the 2022 F1 season

After last season’s victory, Red Bull Racing is hoping to achieve a 1-2 finish in the F1 eSport World Championship. How are the races in this championship going? First, each event starts with free practice, then moves on to qualifying and finally a 35% race.

Red Bull: Who are the drivers present for this season?

Obviously Frede Rasmussen and Marcel Kieger will be present for this 2021 season. The reigning Champions won the coronation in 2020 but also in 2019. The young Swiss driver Liam Parnell will also be there. For his part, he won the prize for the best lap in his race, which was won hands down.

Here is Marcel Kieger’s statement on the coming season: “ I’m so excited for this year’s F1 Esports Pro series, we won the tag team title for the second time in a row last year, so we hope to continue that momentum and make it a third! We have a new teammate, Liam, who I think will add a new dynamic to the team alongside Frede and me. This is my second year with Red Bull Racing Esports and I’m glad they trusted me again, a team that I can happily call a family. We all want to win every time, so we’re going to take it race by race and I’ll do all I can behind the scenes with Frede and Liam to maximize our performance on the track.

Liam is proud to join a team like Red Bull Racing as evidenced by the few words reported by the team: ” It’s amazing to represent Red Bull Racing Esports, I could never have dreamed of that and I’m so happy I had this opportunity. Myself, Marcel and Frede have trained a lot and we will do our best to defend the tag team title, that is our ultimate goal and I will do my best to support Frede and Marcel to make it happen. We are a talented team, we have to believe in our abilities and show that we can be the best again.

Here is the schedule for the upcoming season

October 13 – 14 – Event 1 (Sakhir, Shanghai, Spielberg)

October 27 – 28 – Event 2 (Silverstone, Monza, Spa)

November 24 – 25 – Event 3 (Portimão, Zandvoort, Austin)

December 15 – 16 – Event 4 (Imola, Mexico, Sao Paolo)

Article published on 09/20/2021 at 7:18 am and written by Antoine Laran

Red Bull Racing unveils its drivers for the 2022 F1 season Like

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