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Mafia III: Clear-cut Version – Xbox

After Lincoln Clay’s surrogate household is betrayed and also eliminated by the Italian Mafia, Lincoln constructs a brand-new household and also blazes a course of vengeance.

Xbox Live account called for to set up and also download and install.
A DANGEROUS ANTI-HERO: Be Lincoln Clay, orphan and also Vietnam expert heck bent on vengeance for the fatalities of his surrogate household.
VENGEANCE YOUR MEANS: Select your very own play-style; strength, blazing weapons or stalk-and-kill strategies, to take apart the Mafia.
A BRAND-NEW HOUSEHOLD ON THE ASHES OF THE OLD: Develop a brand-new criminal realm your method by making a decision which lieutenants you award, and also which you betray.
Own Mafia III: Clear-cut Version to open Lincoln’s Military Coat and also Vehicle in both Mafia and also Mafia II Clear-cut Versions.


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