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Intellivision’s Amico held off throughout of 2021

Intellivision is playing the fond memories card with its Amico console, due for launch at the end of the year. Condemn it on, and also you recognize it well, a particular pandemic.

Intellivision’s Amico, a retro advanced console

Intellivision relies upon the memories of players that understood the Mattel video games of the 80 s to advertise its future console. Introduced for very early 2021, this one endured a couple of hold-ups prior to seeing its launch day established for the end of the existing year, if all goes well. The factor, you recognize, is the Covid. No matter, it has actually enabled the groups functioning on it to brighten their infants.

The Amico will certainly be launched with a lot of video games in 2D and also 2.5 D. It will certainly be feasible to have 3D video games, as long as they are especially easily accessible. Intellivision desires to return to the principle of an easily accessible console for the entire family members, with video games that can be played with each other.

The console will certainly include 2 controllers, yet it will certainly be feasible to link your mobile phone to unite as much as 8 gamers on the very same display. According to Tommy Tallarico, head of state of Intellivision, 20% of the console will certainly be upgraded and also reviewed standards. 20% initial video games. 20% sporting activities video games. As Well As 20% parlor game. There will certainly be 20% academic video games.

It will certainly after that be feasible to buy and also download and install brand-new video games with the Amico Video Game Store. These will certainly set you back in between EUR 2.5 and also EUR 8.5. There will certainly also be some video games in physical variation, offered a little bit much more costly, for around 20 EUR.

If you want the console, you can pre-order it currently. It will certainly be readily available on October 8, 2021 for EUR 279.99

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