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ELEGOO UNO R3 Task The Majority Of Full

This is one of the most total set for beginners to discover shows for Arduino tasks. It is extremely enjoyable and also simple to make use of. Set is 100% suitable with all Arduino components. The 63 components are packaged in an appealing, hassle-free container. Element listing: 5pcs White LED 5pcs Yellow LED 5pcs Blue LED 5pcs Environment-friendly LED 5pcs Red LED 1pcs RGB LED 5pcs 22 pf Ceramic Capacitor 5pcs 104 Ceramic Capacitor 2pcs Picture resistor 1pcs Thermistor 5pcs Diode Rectifier (1N4007) 2pcs Electrolytic Capacitor (10 UF 50 V) 2pcs Electrolytic Capacitor (100 UF 50 V) 5pcs NPN Transistor (PN2222) 5pcs NPN Transistor (S8050) 1pcs Turn Switch Over 5pcs Switch (little) 1pcs 1 number 7-segment Show 1pcs 4 number 7-segment Show 1pcs Audio Sensing Unit Component 1pcs LCD1602 Component (with pin header) 1pcs IC L293 D 1pcs IC 74 HC595 1pcs Energetic Buzzer 1pcs Easy Buzzer 1pcs RTC Component 1pcs DHT11 Temperature Level and also Moisture Component 2pcs Potentiometer 1pcs Rotating Encoder Component 1pcs Joystick Component 1pcs Keypad Component 1pcs 5V Relay 1pcs IR Receiver Component 1pcs UNO R3 Controller Board 1pcs Breadboard 1pcs Servo Electric Motor (SG90) 1pcs Stepper Electric Motor 1pcs ULN2003 Stepper Electric Motor Motorist Board 1pcs Model Development 1pcs Power Supply Component CAUTION: Pls. do not make use of the voltage more than 9V 1pcs HC-SR501 PIR Activity Sensing Unit 1pcs Ultrasonic Sensing Unit 1pcs GY-521 Component 1pcs 3V Servo Electric Motor 1pcs MAX7219 Component 1pcs Remote 1pcs 9V 1A Power Supply 1pcs 65 Jumper Cord 1pcs Water Bar Sensing Unit 1pcs USB Cable Television 1pcs 9V Battery with DC 1pcs RC522 RFID Component 10 computers Resistor (10 R) 10 computers Resistor (100 R) 30 computers Resistor (220 R) 10 computers Resistor (330 R) 10 computers Resistor (1K) 10 computers Resistor (2K) 10 computers Resistor (5K1) 10 computers Resistor (10 K) 10 computers Resistor (100 K) 10 computers Resistor (1M) 20 computers Female-to-male DuPont Cord.

Greater Than 200 elements, this is one of the most total starter set you will certainly locate. Terrific worth starter set with 63 sort of digital elements.
Has all the elements you require and also a cost-free PDF tutorial (greater than 30 lessons) to reveal you just how to utilize them. All code to make use of the components is consisted of on the CD.
All the components come soldered so they are simple to wire up.
Consists of ELEGOO R3 controller board and also USB wire, 100% suitable with Arduino IDE Authorities R3, Authorities set.
Set comes packaged in compartmentalized situation with an incentive box for little components like LED’s, IC’s, switches, diodes, and so on


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